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Mixed black and green olives preserved in Extra Virgin olive oil 
Served with extra-virgin oil and balsamic vinegar 
Salsa of chopped tomatoes, garlic, fresh coriander and 
red onions on a baked flat bread 
Traditional Moroccan vegetable soup with chickpeas, lentils and tomato 


North African dishes are made for sharing so why not pick a selection of small plates 
3 plates 
4 plates 
5 plates 
The famous chickpea dip 
Grilled Halloumi Cheese, served with tomatoes 
New potatoes with the spicy zing of Harissa paste 
A traditional Moroccan salad made with broad beans  
Roast aubergine dip with cumin and smoked paprika 
Marinated wing, Char-grilled served with sweet chilli jam 
Spicy sausages, grilled and served with a salad 
A blend of deep fried chickpeas, beans and herbs 
The classic North African pastry - a perfumed filo pie filled with chicken, roast almonds and orange blossom 
Dusted squid with seasoned flour served with sweet chilli jam 
King prawns in rich arabiatta sauce  
House meatballs with mildly spiced coriander and harissa salsa 
Filo pastry cigar stuffed with goats cheese and spinach, mince lamb and herbs. Or seafood and coriander... 
Yoghurt & cucumber salad, combined with garlic & mint 
Spicy sausages, grilled and served with a salad 


Straw fries, coleslaw and tomato compote 
Char-grilled chicken breast dressed in capers, red onions, roast peppers and olive salsa served on a bed of roasted baby potatoes 
Char-grilled chicken breast dressed in greek yogurt and forest mushroom creamy sauce on a bed of roasted baby potatoes 


Couscous is a North African specilaity made from steamed durum wheat. Light and fluffy, it is perfect for soaking up the rich sauces. If you prefer rice, ask your server 
With a choice of vegetables or raisins & caramelized onion or onion and chickpea 
Chicken with vegetable cousous 
Lamb with vegetable cousous 
Chicken, Kofta, & Merguez sausages with vegetable cousous 


Mixed salad of rocket and spinach topped with crumbled goats cheese, poached pear, walnut and house dressing 
Mixed salad of rocket and spinach topped with strips of chicken, soft boiled egg and house dressing 
8oz prime beef Ribeye steak, fries and coleslaw 


(served with fries, coleslaw and tomatoes) 
Hand pressed beef or butterfly chicken fillet 
The standard beef or chicken 
Melting Goat Cheese and onion jam £13.95 
Tomato and Cheddar £13.95 
Veggie Flat Mushroom, Grilled Tomato and Buffalo £11.00 


Grilled salmon fillet, baby potatoes, greens, tomato and caper salsa  
Grilled sea bass fillets, baby potatoes and greens 
Tiger Prawns dressed in mildly spiced coriander and harissa salsa on a bed of saffron rice 


served with saffron rice, crunchy coleslaw and tomato compote 
Char grilled marinated lamb chops  
Minced lamb kebabs with parsley & chopped onion  
Chicken marinated with delicate Mediterranean herbs and spices served with onion, red and green peppers on skewers 
Marinated lamb on skewers wwith onion, peppers & tomato 
Char-grilled Lamb, Chicken, Kofta & Merguez sausages 
Dusted King Prawns with smoked paprika on skewers with onion, peppers & tomato 
Char grilled marinated wings 


Tagines are served with couscous or rice 
A whole slow cooked lamb shank with choice of vegetables or prunes and apricot or raisins and caramelised onions 
Tender cubes of chicken with onion, peppers and tomatoes in a rich tomato sauce 
Slow-cooked chicken with choice of vegetables or prunes and apricot or raisins and caramelised onions 
Slow cooked Chicken with Maris Piper potatoes, olives and preserved lemon  
Home-made lamb meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, traditionally served with a poached egg 
A rich lentil stew with diced carrot and sweet potato 
Slow cooked fresh vegetables in fragrant herbs and extra virgin oilve oil 
Slow cooked broad beans in preserved lemon, fragrant herbs and extra virgin olive oil 


Couscous £2.50 
Saffron Rice £2.50 
Flat Bread £2.50 
Pitta Bread £2.50 
Roasted Baby Potatoes £3.95 
Chips £3.50 
Green Beans £2.50 
House Salad £3.95 
Tomato & Onion Salad £2.95 
Roasted Vegetables £4.75 
Lentil Stew £4.75 
All our dishes are prepared in kitchens where nuts, flour etc. are routinely used meaning we unfortunately cannot guarantee that dishes will be free of 
traces of these products. Olives may contain stones, fish and meat dishes may contain bones, all dishes may contain items not mentioned in the menu description. 
All prices includeVAT at the current rate. A discretionary service charge of 10% will be added to parties of 8 or more 
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